January 12



Kino Obscure is coming your way!
We are going to spend a weekend dedicated to the Bizarre, the Kooky, the Topsy-Turvy and we want YOU to join!

Fill the registration form here:

No previous experiment in filmmaking is required to join the workshop, everyone is welcome <3

If you’re frustrated with not getting to express yourself in the weird way you want, this is for you.
If you’ve always wondered how it would look if you could make a film about a dream you had, this is for you.
If you always wanted to shoot a film but were too shy, this is for you.

Kino Obscure is a weekend-long Kino Kabaret -style short film workshop with a specific theme of: Do what you may not normally do (content- or production-wise), experiment with the medium of film and let out into the world the strangest dreams from your subconscious.

We get together on Friday afternoon when anyone with an idea for a short film can present it to the rest of the participants, after which – we get into working groups and start making the films! The premiere is on Sunday night <3

The workshop is FREE OF CHARGE! No participation fees <3

In all our events we practice safer spaces guidelines which can be found here:

Fill the registration form, do it now, do it, do it!!